Friday, October 31, 2008

Revenge of the Readers!

Halloween is here and in the spirit of Trick or Treat we have let the readers take over the blog! Yeah you read right, we have placed the fate of our blog into your hands for a day. SCARY!!!

"Call the fire department, this one's outta control!"

A UT fan sent us this list of his top concerns fellow Longhorn fans should have this weekend in Lubbock. He seems fairly confident with an impending victory. We'll soon see if he should have legitimate concern...

Ten Reason's Texas Tech Will Beat The Longhorns

Looks like someone is ready for Halloween!

10. If that kicker (Matt Williams) can hit a 30 yard field goal for free rent with no pass rush I am sure he can make a game winner.

9. Colt McCoy and the Texas offense will get shut down against that juggernaut Red Raider D.

8. Texas will be overwhelmed by the size of that crowd in Lubbock having not played in a stadium of that magnitude since high school.

7. UT should always fear the flying tortillas.

6. If Tech can beat an unranked Nebraska team in overtime and win big against a 23 ranked Kansas surely they can manhandle the #1 team in the nation.

5. All that winning experience of Big 12 titles Tech has could be the difference maker in a close game.

4. Gram Harrell after all he is the QB that UT and Oklahoma both passed on.

3. Colt McCoy gets knocked out of a game not by a crushing blow from the Defensive End, but from a D size battery thrown from the whiskey bent fan sitting 4 rows up in the student section.

2. Every program in the nation would rather have a Mike Leach instead of a Mac Brown!

1. Longhorns won’t be able to recover from the cloud of marijuana smoke surrounding the stadium.

If you want deliverance scary, an LSU fan revealed to us this Alabama fan. Boy does he make Arkansas fans look normal. Someone should definitely give this guy a show!

Your right, your right, Jerry Springer did in the nineties.

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