Thursday, August 21, 2008

Independents as Independents

In case you haven't noticed the incessant campaign coverage of McCain and Obama, the presidential election is upon us. This time of the year election signs litter EVERY corner of the town and "class" up even the nicest of neighborhoods.

This election has reminded us that while we have compared the Pac-10 to wine, the Big 12 to women, the SEC to liquor, the ACC to super heroes, the Big East to TV shows, and the Big 10 to beer, we have not even touched the Independents of college football.

Those free spirit programs that think it is better off on your own remind us of free spirited politicians that can't be bogged down with the baggage of a single party. How is that working for them? Seems about as well as these independents.

Notre Dame - Ross Perot. Though a Naval Academy graduate, just look at the picture above. Close your eyes. Envision the picture in your brain. Now imagine a green, fedora hat on Perot's head. Open your eyes. Can you honestly tell me you don't see the resemblance? Both have exorbitant amounts of money. The 90's included a lot of big talk from these small men. In their respective fields, Oklahoma State and Boone Pickens have become more relevant these days.

Navy - Joseph Lieberman. Strong on defense. Currently very popular and successful. Former Navy coach, Paul Johnson was leered into coaching for Georgia Tech. Lieberman is rumored to be a front runner to become the VP candidate with Naval Academy grad, McCain.

Army - Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Former title holders in their respective sports. However neither are very entertaining at the game of football, even if it is Vince McMahon's XFL. "The Body" was owned by the Navy Seals in Vietnam, Army has been owned by Navy losing a rivalry high 6th straight this year.

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