Friday, September 5, 2008

ACC Cupcakes (09/06/08)

It became painfully obvious last weekend that it is a good thing the ACC decided to schedule 14 Division I-AA schools this year. If they hadn't they might have had a hard time filling all their bowl obligations, including the Humanitarian Bowl and the brand new Congressional Bowl.

This week it is more of the same as the powerful Almost College football Conference takes on five more FCS schools. In case you are in the mood to watch the ACC, let us help you learn more, as we continue to introduce you to the cupcakes of the ACC.

Western Carolina

Location: Cullowhee, NC which happens to be 60 miles past the middle of nowhere.
Founded: 1889
Nickname: Catamounts, gazoontite! Wildcats that roam the southern Appalachian mountain region.
Conference: Southern
Size: about 9,000 undergrads
Most well known alumni: Paul Johnson - current head football coach Georgia Tech. Gerald Astin - NFL ref.
Why you might know them: The Catamounts number one rival is Appalachian State as they play each other every year in "The Battle for the Old Mountain Jug."

Furman University

Location: Greenville, SC
Founded: 1826
Mascot: Paladins. The WHAT? A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion; a strong supporter or defender of a cause; and any of the 12 peers of French emperor Charlemagne's court. (American Heritage College Dictionary) However some how they represent this with a knight on horseback.
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: 2500 undergrads. About 800 students smaller than last week's ACC opponent Charleston Southern
Most well known alumni: Sam Wyche - former NFL head coach. Amy Grant - Contemporary Christian Pop artist and wife of country singer Vince Gill.
Why you might know them: Who didn't go to high school with a kid that rocked the FU hat?

The Citadel

Location: Charleston, SC
Founded: 1842
Nickname: Bulldogs
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: 2000 cadets, 100 civilians
Most well known alumni: Tons of military commanders and Paul Maguire - commentator for ABC college football. Also "that guy that talks about the game from weird places in the stadium."
Why you might know them: On August 15, 1995, after many legal battles and much controversy Shannon Faulkner, became the first female to joined the Corps of Cadets. She resigned after only 4 hours citing physical exhaustion, and emotional and psychological abuse. The male cadets rejoiced!

University of Richmond

Location: Richmond, VA
Founded: 1830
Nickname: Spiders, the only college in the country with said mascot.
Conference: Colonial Athletic Association
Size: 2795 undergrads
Most well known alumni: William K. Howell - former President, Miller Brewing Company. Sean Casey - first baseman, Boston Red Sox.
Why you might know them: On October 15, 1992, candidates George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot came to campus for the first-ever "town hall" televised presidential debate.

William & Mary

Location: Williamsburg, VA
Founded: 1693
Nickname: Tribe
Conference: Colonial Athletic Conference
Size: 5,700 undergrads
Most well known alumni: No one you've heard of, just Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, James Monroe, Henry Clay. Jon Stewart - host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Bill Lawrence - creator of TV show Scrubs. Marv Levy - former head coach Buffalo Bills. Mike Tomlin - current head coach Pittsburgh Steelers. Jaycee Chan - Hong Kong actor/recording artist and son of Jackie Chan.
Why you might know them: In high school you received a rejection letter in the mail from this school. With a acceptance rate of 32% makes it one of the most selective schools in the nation. Also have some interesting traditions and legends.

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  1. Ok, knock the Catamounts all you want (read: mountain lion, actually) but I'd list a couple more alumni:

    Jesse S. Lyons

    They all are WCU alumni with pride, wearing the REAL purple and gold baby!