Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you build it they will come.

Apparently that only works if you are Kevin Costner and live in the middle of Iowa...

From the school that brought you a politically correct color as a nickname (The Cardinal represents the color, not the bird), a tree for a mascot, and a band that can't afford real uniforms. The homogenized campus experience at Stanford University now brings the college football fan the "Gridiron Guarantee." If a fan purchases the new "Family Plan" season ticket package they can apply for a refund at the end of the season if they are unsatisfied with the "entertainment value" on the field.

What about this year's USC game you ask? It appears that all requests for refunds must be completed before the Nov. 15th rematch of last year's upset...

The $100 million renovation of Stanford Stadium, in 2006, took the venue from a maximum attendance of over 85,000 to 55,500. The reduction in numbers was done to bring the stadium up to date and produce a more intimate feel for games. However the new digs combined with organic hot dogs on whole wheat buns, free tickets to students, and a visit from the University of Notre Dame has yet to produce a sellout. Even the 25th anniversary of the "Big Game's" "The band is on the field!" vs. Cal was 6,000 tickets short of being a sell out. Maybe "Not Really That Big of a Game" would be a better name for the rivalry.

This college football guy thinks that Stanford is having a hard time competing with the "entertainment" that is going on off the field, and across the bay, in Bezerkley, CA. Have to admit watching feces getting thrown from trees has a higher "entertainment value" than QB, Tavita Pritchard attempting thrill the Cardinal crowd.

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  1. Dude, Stanford games blow. No one ever goes. I feel like I'm the only one making any noise...