Monday, August 4, 2008

The Cover Don't Lie!

We here at The College Football Guys were REALLY trying to avoid the whole Brett Favre fiasco, however it has become increasingly difficult to do so.

Should the Pack keep him? Trade him? Make him go away!?

What a circus this has all become! Welcoming party at the airport like he is the second coming of The Beatles! Maybe John McCain should pay Brett $20 million to go on the road and help "market" his struggling presidential campaign?

In all of this hubbub it seems that GM Ted Thompson is missing an obvious clue to determine what this season will bring. A devise more accurate than the Magic 8 ball he has been using to make all his decisions in this process. ("Will Brett Favre be a Packer?" the 8 ball told me "Outlook not so good".)

"What is this famous prognosticating devise you speak of?" Why the Madden '09 cover of course!

In April the fellas at EA Sports thought it would be cute to break the "Madden Curse" by placing a "retired" player on the cover. Little good that has done! Maybe the true reason Favre is coming back is to take on the greatest challenge of all - breaking "The Curse."

Mr. Thompson, the decision is clear. Trade Favre before August 12th, Madden's release date. Before everyone is reminded about the hex hanging over Favre's head this year. What a great opportunity to put a hex on to your division rivals!

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