Friday, August 1, 2008

DUI Attorney or NCAA Stadium?

The two most recent DUI arrests of Kentucky QB Curtis Pulley and Arkansas WR Marques Wade are just a couple of the MANY DUI issues that have continued to plague the college football landscape. This has given us yet another opportunity to have a little fun and promote our podcast in the process.

Once one has been arrested for a DUI it becomes extremely important to find adequate representation and find it fast. There are SO many DUI attorney's out there and SO many of their names remind us of college football stadiums. In order to help these young men out and to test your knowledge of Division I-A/FBS college football stadiums, we have produced the following list.

Which of these names represents a DUI attorney or a college football stadium? Good Luck!

Carter Finley
Dunham Rogers
Sean Sullivan
Dowdy Ficklen
Joan Edwards
William Kibbie
Casey Mulligan
John Scheumann
J. Layne Smith
Jason Dunkle
Kelly Shorts
Clarence Martin
John Lloyd
Wallace Wade

The answers can be found in the latest edition of our podcast. Click here and push play!

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