Monday, August 25, 2008

The Last Great American Sport

Every four years the Olympics reminds Americans throughout the country just how cool it is to be patriotic and cheer on the "home" team. But it also raises the question, "What is truly 'American' anymore?"

When Budweiser, "The Great American Lager," is Belgium owned it is hard to know what is American and what is not. This is becoming more and more true in sports. Just like the "Lager" several sports still claim to be American, but are they really? If they aren't, does a truly American sport still exist? Good news my friends, one does still exist and its games begin on Thursday!

Why is there only one true American sport left and what happened to make this a reality? Keep reading and you will see what makes college football the Last Great American Sport.

College football begins on Labor Day Weekend, the last official weekend of America's summer.

MLB, "America's Pastime," held its 2008 opening day game in Tokyo, Japan and like the crazy gymnastics tie breaker rule, an exhibition game decides home field advantage for the World Series.

Wasn't New Year's Day created for college football? If there were no bowl games would January 1st still be a holiday? BTW - This is an advantage the NCAA has over other sports that they are slowly trying to give away, however that is a discussion for another day.

NASCAR, a sport started in America's south introduced a foreign plate last year, Toyota, and with the help of Joe Gibbs Racing, they are currently dominating the field.

The NFL owned NFL Europe, plays regular season games in Mexico and London, and the Bills are sneaking out the back door, leaving the blue-collar fans in Buffalo for the Canadians of Toronto.

The rise of the Euro combined with the dreams of European multi-millionaires, has brought much talk about NBA players jumping ship for riches across the pond. Some McDonald's "All-Americans" have already beat them too it.

What is more American than smoking a hog, drinking a beer, watching football and enjoying your favorite campus all from the comfort of your "tailgate?"

Rivalries still exist in college football. Free agency has killed rivalries in the pros. When OU and Texas play it is for state pride and watch your scrotum. TO has played for the 49ers, Eagles, and even after dishonoring the field at Texas Stadium, Cowboy fans have embraced him as one of their own.

College football has the Holiday Bowl, not the Christmas Bowl, or the Kwanzaa Bowl, or the Hanukkah Bowl, or even the Festivus Bowl, but the Holiday Bowl. What is more American than this generic, politically correct name?

No David Beckham needed in college football! Plus there are a 100,000 co-eds, on campuses all across the country that look way better than Posh. They are indeed "So Major!"

ESPN College Gameday is built by the Home Depot. What is more American than a sponsor that assists in the upkeep, remodel, and update of your "American Dream?"

Lastly, as much as most of us hate it, college football is the only sport that is decided in the most democratic of ways, a popular vote.

What do you think makes college football the Last Great American Sport? Let us know.

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