Thursday, August 14, 2008

Head Coach Found!

It appears that The College Football Guys have found a coach for the 2008 Pre-Season All-Jackass Team! Coach Urban Myer reinstated DE Ronnie Wilson who was suspended from the team after an April 2007 incident involving an AK-47. So much for having young men with excellent character. This college football guy might have to take back all those nice things I have said about Gatorville.
The 911 recording is great! It is like listening to the last words of a man being chased by a 6'-4" 315 lb man shooting an AK in the air. Wait that is exactly what it is!

Good news for Florida fans. This is just another indication that Florida is on its way to another national championship. In the early 80's, when Oklahoma was winning title after title with Barry Switzer, there was all sorts of excitement going on off the field. One such incident involved WR Buster Rhymes "busting out" his Uzi and firing it in the air to break up a snow ball fight! Oh that Brian Bozworth tells the BEST stories. Have his Stone Cold royalty checks run out? Maybe he should collaborate with Canseco to break open steroids in the NFL and NCAA?

One thing is for sure "The Chosen One" has his work cut out for him saving the lost soles on his own team.

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