Friday, August 1, 2008

Up in Pictures

Dave Heeke knows a couple things about marketing and billboards. When he was at the University of Oregon he helped get a 10 story poster of future Detroit Lion's great Joey Harrington in Times square. (A billboard that spurred Washington State to paste a banner on the side of a grain elevator, in Dusty, WA, for Jason Gesser's "Heisman campaign.")

As the current athletic director at Central Michigan, Heeke has done it again. This time it is the Chippewa's star QB Dan LeFevour at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

It seems to this college football guy Heeke is just taking advantage of an opportunity. He has a Heisman candidate at QB. A team with that runs an entertaining offense. A city that is hurting financially needs entertainment on a budget more than any place else. $20 a game to see an entertaining offense is a steal. What else are you going to do? Watch the Detroit Lions? Over pay to see the Michigan Wolverines and the Rich Rod soup opera?

This should be a good year for the Central Michigan athletic department.

Besides everyone knows "Champions Come Standard at CMU!"

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