Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Most Overrated Games in 2008

Every preseason, college football fans across the country take a look at their helmet schedules and start circling games that they think will be the best of the season. Once these games get circled we find that some simply don't pan out to be as good as what we all expected. When you go to circle your "must watch games" this year, make sure that you avoid these games. We promise there will something better on another channel.

Tennessee @ UCLA - This game is getting much hype simply because it is the first of two games pitting the "east-coast biased whining," Pac Ten fans against the "we're better than anyone because we care more," SEC fans. Much like last year's Tenn/Cal game it really told us nothing about either team. Tennessee got beat by Cal in a "hostile" environment that included about a 1/3 Vol fans and marked Cal's only sellout crowd. UT went on to come a couple plays short of being SEC champs and Cal crashed towards a 6-6 record. Let's hope those 35,000+ Tennessee/SEC fans enjoy their experience in the Rose Bowl.

USC @ UCLA - Another game that is being over hyped purely for the "Neuheisel" affect. UCLA couldn't make anything happen last year with 20 returning starters and without a QB for the first month of the season they are in for another disappointing year. By the time Dec. 6th rolls around, if USC has more than one loss, no one outside of California will care. America's attention will be focused solely on the Big 12 and SEC Championship Games that will largely dictate who will be playing in the BCS Championship.

USF @ WVU - This game sets itself up nicely as what looks to be the "unofficial" Big East championship game on Dec. 6th, however by the time it rolls around it will NOT decide the Big East title. Does anyone remember what was said about the Louisville @ WVU game at the beginning of 2007? That game became insignificant when Louisville found themselves 5-4 coming into Morgantown. This year roles reverse as WVU finds out the hard way it is a little harder to win without Rich Rod on the sidelines. A talent loaded USF team becomes the best of the Big East this year and beats the Mountaineers for the third consecutive year on its way to a BCS birth.

Alabama @ LSU - While EVERYONE in Baton Rouge is talking about the return of "Satan" to Death Valley this game will not live up to the typical SEC soap opera off the field. LSU is missing a proven QB and by Nov. 8th Alabama just won't be in the SEC West race. What could make this interesting is if some how, some way, Saban mysteriously disappears somewhere between the hotel and the field... When are Bayou Bengal fans going to start making Saban Voodoo Dolls?

Michigan @ Ohio State - I know, I know. I hear the screams from Ann Arbor and Columbus as we speak! This match up is argued by most to be THE rivalry in college football, however this Nov. 22nd it will simply be a great rivalry and have little significance on the national scene. By the forth Saturday in Nov. Michigan will simply be struggling to get bowl eligible. Ohio State will roll and finish its season on top, ready to wait the 2+ months to play in its third consecutive BCS Championship game.


  1. I completely agree with you guys. Alabama doesn't have a prayer of winning the SEC East. They also don't have a chance of winning the National League pennant, the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting, or the Bangor Daily News "Best Breakfast Marmalade, Ayuh" Award.

    They might have a shot at the SEC West, though.

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for catching our typo/proof reading error. Well played! Alabama has no chance at winning a Nobel Peace Prize either. Forbe's Most Powerful Coach in Sports? Check.

    Error has been corrected.

  3. Ann Harbor? Is that some haute couture designer who is a Michigan grad and is from Ann Arbor?

  4. Yes. Our editor has been taken out to a field and shot at 20 paces. Actually he will be the next contestant on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?"

  5. Only you seem to be attuned to the "buzz" about UCLA vs. The Vols. Nobody but NOBODY else is chatting up this contest. It's not just under the radar, it's subterranean. Pity, though... These two play each other every decade or so. It's never one for the ages, but the games have been competitive, with the victory assured only in the waning minutes.

  6. Wait a second. Ohio State runs the table, then has to play Michigan in the last game in order to reach its 3rd national championship spot...but the Game doesn't mean anything?! If your prediction holds up in the end, then THAT game means EVERYTHING. Just like in 1993- Ohio State was undefeated, lost to Michigan. 1995 - Ohio State was undefeated, lost to Michigan. 1996 - Ohio State was undefeated, lost to Michigan. 2003 - if OSU won, it'd have gone to play Oklahoma in New Orleans instead of LSU, but lost to Michigan. 2006 - 1 vs 2, the loss cost Michigan the national title try. 2007 - 8-4 Michigan vs. 10-1 Ohio State, Michigan still could have gone to the Rose Bowl and knocked Ohio State out of the national title.

    Michigan-Ohio State is still one of the top games, for the mere fact that the upset has cost a team the national title berth enough times in the last 20 years. You can't call it overrated until it's officially so.

  7. No problem. I can maek fun of othe peopel, because I'm perfeckt. Let me no if you neede any more hepl.

    Just kidding, in other words. I love your site, and I happen to agree with you that UA will be out of the SEC West picture, or close to it, by the time the LSU game rolls around. Too many young'uns playing for the Tide.

  8. FWIW Michigan will be down this year. But at least we know how to spell "fourth", as in Michigan @ Ohio State is on the "fourth" Saturday in November, not "forth."

    It's okay, even spell check wouldn't get that one. You'd have to, you know, edit your work or something to catch that. Crazy.

    Go Blue. At least we can claim Phelps.