Thursday, September 4, 2008

NCAA Embraces Change!

We are reaching into The College Football Guys vault (4/21/08) to remind you of the new rule changes this year in college football. Just in case you didn't happen to catch one of the 127 times the networks discussed them this weekend.

Well it does seem that college football is a fan of at least a little change. The NCAA announced last week that there would be some rule changes for the 2008 season and beyond. The most significant of the changes includes outlawing the "horse collar" tackle made famous in the NFL by former Sooner, and current Dallas Cowboy, Roy Williams. The tackle made by grabbing another player by the back of the pads and forcing them to the ground from behind, will now be a personal foul and 15 yard penalty.

There is also some changes to the clock, again, that are designed to shorten the length of the game. Included are some other rules that make the game more in line with the pros.

One rule change of significance is there will no longer be two different penalties for facemask. Any form of grabbing the facemask will now be considered a personal foul. In the past it has been up to the referee's discretion of whether or not it is incidental or a personal foul. For those of you confused on what the differences were in the first place we have included some pictures for you.

INCIDENTAL FACEMASK: "Today's not Halloween?!'"

PERSONAL FOUL FACEMASK: "My girlfriend made me do it!" We don't think so buddy!

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