Monday, September 15, 2008

What We Learned Week Three

After putting our collective heads back on straight, here are some things we, The College Football Guys, learned this weekend in college football.

Even though USC dominated The Ohio State the rest of the PAC looked more like the WAC going a collective 3-7 for the weekend, including 0-2 vs. the Big 12 and 0-4 vs. the MWC!

One would have thought ASU would have been 3-0 heading into the Georgia game this week, however it appears that they watched too much coverage of the BYU/Washington game last week as they too could not keep a 35 yard field goal from being blocked.

Not only did UNLV walk away from Tempe with the biggest win in program history, they also received a tidy $400,000 for their, um, troubles? The school immediately placed their money on USC to win the BCS Title.

It is obvious that the emotional stress the Cal football team suffered due to the removal of their most devoted and avid fans from the Oak Grove this week affected their play on the field vs Maryland. Trust me it wasn't "jet lag," it was emotional trauma.

Virginia Tech finally played a home game that carried some significance, allowing us the opportunity to learn that the Hokies have found a new way to make "Chicago Maroon" and Burnt Orange look terrible together.

So far it seems that when it comes to winners for major non-conference games the schools with the best looking women are winning...

Could Texas Tech play someone, ANYONE, so we could have some idea how good their offense is? U Mass coming to town this weekend. That makes two Division I-AA schools this year! Maybe they should just join the ACC! At least Mike Leach continues to bring us quality entertainment.

16 Major League Baseball teams outscored the "newfangled" spread offense of the mighty Auburn Tigers on Saturday. Auburn got the 3-2 victory, however Ohio State's 3 points only got them embarrassed again on national TV. BTW - UCLA would have lost to all but two MLB teams on Saturday.

Speaking of UCLA, Provo wants former BYU 0ffensive coordinator Norm Chow to know that they are thankful for the memories, but they are doing just fine with out him. UCLA also needs to rethink scheduling a week three games in Utah. Mike Stoops of Arizona might want to do the same with New Mexico.

Middle Tennessee State reminded us this week that football is indeed a game of inches.

Husky fans learned Saturday that "Boomer Sooner" is every bit as annoying as the Trojan's "Victory." At this point in the season it seems that the nation will get the opportunity to decide for themselves on January 8th 2009 in Miami. Maybe FOX can get Ryan Seacrest to come to Miami and encourage fans to vote. Heck we can't wait that long, lets just decide today.

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