Friday, September 12, 2008

ACC "Little Sister of the Poor" (09/13/08)

After a week one bye Florida State opened its 2008 season last week with a victory over Division I-AA opponent Western Carolina. This week it is time for them to play their SECOND consecutive FCS school, UT-Chattanooga. At the same time the NFL is talking about cutting back on preseason games it appears that Bowden is moving in the opposite direction.

UT - Chattanooga

Location: Chattanooga, TN
Founded: 1886
Nickname: Mocs
Mascot: Scrappy. You are probably as confused as we were about the nickname and mascot. Here is the scoop! The school's nickname was the Moccasins and their mascot was Cheif Moccanooga until 1996 when political correctness made its way to the south. The school decided to change its nickname to the Mocs. Now their Mascot is Skippy the Mocking Bird who rides the "Chattanooga Choo Choo." Everyone knows there is nothing worse than a mocking bird tauting you all game long. We are checking to see if this violates any NCAA "excessive celebration" rules.
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: about 9,000 undergrads
Most well known alumni: Dennis Haskins - Principle on Saved by the Bell. Terrell Owens, aka TO - NFL receiver who wants you to "Get yo' popcorn ready!" Irvine W. Grote - Chemist and inventor of our favorite medicine, Rolaids.
Why you might have heard of them: In 1997 the Mocs' made it to the "Sweet Sixteen" in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. No word yet if their victories over Georgia and Illinois busted Neuheisel's bracket that year.

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