Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TCFGs First Poll of 2008 (09/30/08)

If you are a listener of our podcast and fan of the blog you know that we here at The College Football Guys believe that polls should not be released until after week 5.

I think that last weekend's events proved our rational on this matter. We want to actually see these teams play before we rush to a judgement on them. That being said we still really haven't seen the Big 12 play ANYONE however here is our first top 25 of the season. Enjoy!

1. Oklahoma 73 points (2)
2. LSU 71 (1)
3. Alabama 70
4. Missouri 66
5. Texas 62
6. Penn State 60
7. USF 57
8. Texas Tech 49
9. BYU 47
10. USC 45
11. Florida 41
12. Georgia 39
13. Auburn 35
14. Ohio State 33
14. Utah 33
16. U Conn 32
17. Vanderbilt 31
18. Oklahoma State 29
19. Boise State 27
20. Kansas 21
21. Wisconsin 14
22. Michigan State 8
23. Northwestern 7
24. Kentucky 6
25. Ball State 5

Other receiving votes - Tulsa 4, Virginia Tech 4, Fresno State 3, Oregon 2, Wake Forest 1.

This poll in a combination of our podcast host's three opinions on the strength of college footballs top teams. The rankings receive points 25-1 and are added together to get the final ranking. From this first poll you can tell that there is a still a great deal of uncertainty once you go outside the top seven spots. The poll takes an eight point drop, proving that it is STILL early in the year and opinions, even amongst three of us vary greatly.

The hosts will explore this issue more in tomorrow's weekly podcast.

Disagree with our rankings? You know what to do. Post your comments below!


  1. I'm still very skeptical of Texas Tech, BYU and USF sitting that high. Though I don't think the rankings are too far off point, of these three BYU is certainly the weakest as far as untested and untested for the future of the season ... Texas Tech can certainly break the hears of Big 12 opponents ... and I love USF--VERY WELL COACHED! I just cannot see USC (as much as I hate saying that), Florida, and even Georgia, Auburn & OSU sit "below" the likes of the forementioned three teams.

    Penn State is doing very well, and I'm curious and nervous to go up to Madison, Wisconsin (assuming a win at Purdue first) ... and then onto OSU ... Michigan will finally receive a long awaited payback from the blue and white Nittany Lions--Sorry Michael ...

  2. What is a 2-1 USC team, whose only loss came against an UNRANKED opponent with a losing record, doing ranked ahead of a 4-1 Georgia and Auburn team, whose only losses came against UNDEFEATED top ten opponents?

    If only we, as fans, drank Pete Carroll's urine from a silver cup...