Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BEWARE the "Ides of September!"

According to the Roman calendar the term ides was used for the 15th day of March, April, May and October and also the 13th day of the other 8 months of the year.

In modern times we recognize the "Ides of March" as a time to beware of your surroundings, as it was on the 15th of March that Julius Caesar was assassinated.

On this year's "Ides of September" (13th of September) OU is headed once again to Pac Ten country, as they line up to play the University of Washington in Seattle. The circumstances surrounding OU's history with Washington and Pac Ten referees, combined with the events that took place in Husky Stadium this last week, leads one to conclude that perhaps the Sooners should BEWARE the "Ides of September."

Remember two years ago when OU played another team in the Pacific Northwest? During OU's 2006 game against Oregon, in Eugene, the Ducks were awarded an onside kick attempt that replays showed clearly possession should have gone to OU. The Sooners ended up losing the game 33-34 and OU coach Bob Stoops promised never to travel to a Pac Ten school again unless they used neutral refs.

No one has yet forgotten what happened during the BYU/Washington game last week in Husky Stadium.

However this warning would not exist if it wasn't for another "excessive celebration" call in the first ever OU/Washington match-up.

During the 1985 Orange Bowl the RUF/NEKS road the "Sooner Schooner" onto the field to celebrate what they thought was a successful 22 yard field goal attempt. Turns out there was an illegal procedure call and when the refs saw the Schooner they added another 15 yards for what we might now call "excessive celebration." After the penalties were assessed the 42 yard kick was blocked (sound familiar?). A successful attempt would have made it 17-14 OU, however it left the game tied and Washington ended up winning.

Is all of this a coincidence?

Maybe, but is Oklahoma ready to take that chance?

Washington hopes so, because the "Ides of September" is the only chance they have on Saturday.

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