Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What We Learned This Weekend

What The College Football Guys learned the first weekend in college football is...

...in this election year, your vote does indeed matter. So far, you the fan of The College Football Guys, have correctly picked the winners of the first two major non conference games by voting on which school has the hottest women. We shall see how the rest of the season plays out.

...Rick Neuheisel, some how, some way figures out how to put his money where his mouth is. He is worth at least 3 victories a year to any program who has the guts to hire him. Washington and Colorado fans will ask you if he is worth the heartache of being left in college football's abyss once he leaves.

...Fresno State and Pat Hill have no problem playing "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime." Tennessee and Phil Fulmer do.

...that it is East Carolina, no matter how tempted you are to call them Eastern Carolina.

...when USC's band plays Victory before kickoff, it sends a shiver down your spine and puts goose bumps on your arms as you remember how much you missed college football. When they play it for the 61st time, and it isn't even halftime, it makes you want to puke and wish desperately that UVA didn't just pretend to have a football program.

...Michigan needed Terrelle Pryor more than they let on.

...6 am wake up calls, installing digital clocks throughout the practice facility and stopping secret newsletters to boosters didn't help A & M against a Sun Belt school, in front of the mighty "12th man." Maybe the Aggies should have followed the lead of their opponent, abandoned tradition, and changed their nickname. Worked for the Arkansas State Indians...er Red Wolves.

...Idaho REALLY misses Dennis Erickson.

...that after the Sugar Bowl, June Jones saw the handwriting on the wall.

...Dr. Holtz could possibly be the worst creation ESPN has ever come up with. A close second would be those terrible 2 hour programs the "World Leader" pawned off as "movies." How does Tom Berenger say yes to all those B movies? Here it is again in case you missed the 123 times it played this weekend.

...Clemson really does resemble Two Face. Before they play a difficult opponent they flip a coin to see how they will play. The coin they flip only has one side, and it reads "terrible."

...Nick Saban might be the "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports." The LSU faithful still aren't believers.

...no one has EVER prayed harder than Ty Willingham for rain in Seattle. He hopes the water cools his seat off, so he can sit on it at least past October.

...that the ACC might do best to schedule intrasquad scrimmages the first week of the season!

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