Monday, September 29, 2008

What We Learned Week Five

"I don't believe what I just saw!"

This weekend still got you rubbing your eyes? Maybe pinching yourself to see if this is all just a dream? Have you been left a confused mess on the couch crying out, "Why! Why!" Well to be frank we are still scratching our collective brains as well. However we did learn a couple of things this weekend.

Note to SEC fans. Writing off the Florida loss to an Ol' Miss team that hadn't won an SEC game on the road in the last 14 tries to "depth of conference" sounds as ridiculous as the following:
  • Oregon State's victory over USC definitely shows how strong the Pac Ten is.
  • Even though Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee State their victory over ACC power house Clemson demonstrates the depth and power of the ACC from top to bottom.
  • Michigan's 19 point comeback to upset #9 Wisconsin shows how much resolve and power the Big Ten conference has.
  • Houston's victory over BCS Cinderella ECU shows that top to bottom, it doesn't matter who you play in Conference USA, you better be careful!

Upsets in conference play happen SEC fans! Get over yourselves.

Maybe Forbes Magazine knew what they were talking about when they named Nick Saban "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports."

The practice of wearing black should be reserved ONLY for funerals. Here is the now famous You Tube footage. Advance to 1:05 so you don't waste your entire morning.

While it seems UGA was confused on the purpose of wearing black, Oregon State had an "orange out," Penn State had a "white out" and Miami called Stanford to find out some more information about their "Satisfaction Guarantee." With an attendance on only 35,830 in Dolphin Stadium it appeared they were doing a "walk out." Maybe Hurricane fans were just protesting Butch Davis' return.

Penn State offense looks much better in HD. It is amazing what the Lion's can do when Anthony Morelli isn't on the field to throw interceptions every other possession.

Iowa is still paying Kirk Ferentz too much to lose at home to Northwestern.

Congratulations Duke! You finally made someone else the red-headed step-child of the ACC!

Even though visiting Pac Ten teams have to take a flight several hours long to Spokane, jump on a bus down a dirt road to Pullman, WA to stay the night at a Best Western in Moscow, ID, it doesn't seem to stop them from hanging 60+ on WAZZU, even on homecoming weekend.

While the spirit of David was alive and well in most college stadiums throughout the land, it seems the Palouse of Eastern Washington just might be a bit too remote for the littl' fella.

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