Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Number One?

In a semi WTF moment yesterday the AP and USA Today Polls were unveiled and a new number one was on top. USC became the number one team in all the land even though only ONE team in the top 25 has a loss...

East coast bias?

Not if you are the Trojans from the City of Angels.

Since preseason polls are as hard to explain as the electoral college we might as well open the vote to The People. Who do you think should be number one?


  1. Being a Pac 10 guy, I normally don't mind when a Pac 10 school is ranked #1. However, I always thought that a team had to lose to get dropped from the top spot or even the second spot.

    I guess USC got the nod because they beat the snot out of a BCS conference school (which could be debated), while Georgia and Ohio St. beat the crap out of FCS schools.

    This makes the Ohio State and USC game next week that much better.

  2. I agree. Kudos to the voters for rewarding a team for traveling cross-country to play a BCS school.